St Marty

A collaboration with Grossi restaurant group in Melbourne, St Marty was a custom made vino nuovo style red wine which was bottled before malolactic and served at a series of special dinners across the Grossi group. The name comes from St Martin’s day in Sicily which is traditionally the release day of ‘new wine’ from the most recent vintage, with a classic Australian twist. The label art was commissioned from local Mildura artist, Piero Garreffa.

Sometimes the heady perfume and bright crunchy taste of a low alcohol red wine in ferment is irresistible. So why put it in a barrel and invite all those earthy characters and smooth edges? Why not just whack it straight in a bottle and put it on the table? These are the questions that St Marty answered. Usually this type of wine is considered risky as the wine is theoretically less stable if it hasn’t been through malolactic fermentation. But St Marty was unfiltered, unfined and simply dosed with sulphur before being bottled. The result was a vibrant punchy wine which has actually aged more gracefully than the same wine from the same vintage that was finished in the usual way. This experiment has led to further trials at Chalmers with un-malo’d red wines.

St Marty is just waiting for the next great opportunity to pop up – who knows – it might be this season…

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