Chalmers vineyards

The Chalmers family’s commitment to innovation and excellence has made them a pivotal force in the Australian wine scene and saw them collectively named Gourmet Traveller WINE magazine’s Viticulturists of the Year in 2014.

Their work in the field of alternative, particularly southern Italian varietals - in both the vineyard and marketplace - has been a substantial contribution to the growth and success of this movement in recent years.

Bruce and Jenni Chalmers began growing wine grapes in the mid 1980’s. Over the years their Euston NSW vineyard grew to become the one of the most diverse and largest privately owned vineyards in Australia. The sustainable viticulture techniques Chalmers implemented and refined at this site have been widely taken up by Australia’s warm climate irrigated regions to improve water efficiency and fruit quality using less water and chemicals.

Since selling the original Euston vineyard and nursery in 2008 Chalmers have established two smaller vineyards in Victoria: one in Heathcote and one in Merbein in the Murray Darling region.

The Heathcote vineyard, in the northern part of the GI on the Mt Camel range, is focused on high end wine grape production and is the home of all branded Chalmers wines since 2011 vintage.

The Merbein property holds a source block containing the entire Chalmers collection of imported varieties. Chalmers also has a winery located at this site where experimental and small batch winemaking is carried out. The passionate and dedicated family are continually pushing the envelope in search of exciting new opportunities to create great wines. They have recently introduced a second wave of grape varieties from Italy and it is at Merbein that those first vines will be cultivated and wines produced.