Dott. is handmade by Chalmers from estate grown fruit. Inspired by the late Dr. Rod Bonfiglioli a passionate, eccentric scientist whose dogged determination and visionary foresight brought so much colour, interest and integrity to Australian wine. He sought out these rare grapes for our collection, seeing their promise long before we did, and for that we are grateful.

The choice of grape varieties in the Dott. range challenges the concept of homoclimes as the most beneficial place to establish grape varieties in new locations. Through years of open-minded experimentation Chalmers have discovered that sometimes translating a grapevine to a new environment can give surprising and beautiful results, often producing a wine which is truly unique from its ancestors in Europe yet still achieving quality and authenticity. A new expression, a truly Australian wine which speaks of its own place and time. 

The Dott. range encapsulates this idea, taking grape varieties that originate in the humid and oceanic North East of Italy and growing them in the inland dry climate and red, mineral rich soils of northern Heathcote.

Dr. Rod would have said if you do the research diligently and analyse the results objectively you can ignore the rule book and forge new ground.

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