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The home of Pin Point Xtra, Pin Point, QikMsg and iWS

iPhone app development and programming. 
Also programming in a variety of languages, C, Perl, PHP and others.

  • Pin Point. Quick map lookup to pin point your location. No fussing with menues and ooptions.
  • Pin Point Xtra. The same functionality as pin Point, only you can post your location to your Twitter account with one touch.
  • QikMsg. Quickly post a message to either Twitter, Facebook, Sina Weibo, or Tencent Weibo. No menu, no fuss.
  • iWS. Get a quick update of the weather on your personal Weather Display run website. Minimum resource usage.
  • A forum for Mac, iOS and Weather Station programmers. Mac Programming Forum

    Local Suffolk Weather. Felixstowe - Suffolk Weather

    Currently taken from the Stanstead Airport METAR station

    iOS App Development:
    Pin Point Xtra - Find your way and Tweet it with 1 Touch. Locate your position on Google Maps, or locate a position you input. All from the one simple interface. No clunky menus. No advertising.
    QikMsg- Just the Message. Send a message only, to your Twitter, Facebook, Weibo, or Tencent accounts. Type in the message, press send. Back to the interface. No menus, no fuss.
    iWS - Do you run a Personal Weather Station, running the Weather Display software? This iOS app will connect to your clientraw.txt file, and give you a snapshot of the weather at your station.

    Kindle store:
    The Dragons of Sara Sara. A race across the wide plains ends in the gathering of forces against the Dark Lord, and the raising of the Dragon Armies.
    5 Pip Fourex. If you have ever fancied yourself as a Fourex Trader in the Money Market - this little book will get you started. Making a living from 5 Pips a Day.


    Coming soon: 5 Pip Fourex. Or How to Earn a Living on 5 Pips a day.